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Apple's Pachinko has been renewed for a second season

Apple's Pachinko has been renewed for a second season

Ahead of Pachinko's Season 1 finale, Apple has renewed its adaptation of Min Jin Lee's best-selling novel for a second season.

Today, Apple announced that it is moving forward with series creator Soo Hye's multi-generational story about a family of Korean immigrants who lived and prospered in Japan during the 20th century. In a press release about the renewal, Hugh was silent about what's next for Pachinko, but he called on the show's fandom to be vocal about his desire for more.

"My joy cannot be expressed in words to be able to continue the extraordinary story of this irrepressible family," Hugh said. “I am grateful to the wonderful team at Apple and Media Race Studios for believing in and supporting this show, and our ardent fans who have excited us. It is an honor to continue working with this amazing cast and crew. "

There's no word on when Pachinko's second season will begin production or airing, but Pachinko's Season 1 finale hits Apple TV Plus today.

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