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Fiido X e-bike recalled due to risk of breaking in half

Fiido X e-bike recalled due to risk of breaking in half

Fiido, the maker of affordable direct-to-consumer electric bikes, has suspended sales of its Fiido X and is preparing to take it back after discovering a fault that could have broken the folding e-bike in two. Is. Fiido spokeswoman Jennifer Sun confirmed the issue to The Verge and said the company would release more details by April 12. The recall was first reported by Electrek.

When The Verge reviewed the $999 Fiido D11 e-bike in 2020, we concluded that you get what you pay for. The followup $1,298 Fiido X, however, was an improvement in almost every way, leaving us optimistic about the late-stage prototype we tested ahead of its launch on Indiegogo. Weld.

The Fiido X is built on a lightweight magnesium frame and includes a new folding mechanism. It is here where the blame seems to lie.

In a statement posted to the private Fido X e-Bike Owners Group on Facebook, a company representative says it received a faulty frame report on April 3, which Fido was able to confirm at its R&D lab in Shenzhen. “Based on the fact that this failure is a serious security issue, we are now urging all users to temporarily stop using X, as there is a risk involved,” wrote a Fiido representative. "Relevant recall implementation details, user protection plans, failure cause analysis and technical improvement plans will be released before April 12."

As we said in our writeup for the Fiido X, "support will always be a problem with these direct-to-consumer e-bikes." Now, six months later, this global recall will be a real test for the young company founded in 2016, which with the help of Indiegogo has shipped hundreds of thousands of e-bikes around the world.

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