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Keep BTS in your pocket with the new TinyTan Tamagotchi

Keep BTS in your pocket with the new TinyTan Tamagotchi

If you've ever wished you could spend all day serving food to BTS... well, you probably can't. But you'll soon be able to do the next best thing: Tamagotchi will be solely responsible for keeping their miniature versions alive on the device. Bandai America has opened the preorders for Tinyton Tamagotchi, a version of the handheld game featuring the South Korean band. (The full name of BTS is romanized as Bangtan Sonyeondan.)

"We're incredibly excited to offer a new interactive experience with beloved TinyTen characters, who are adorable mini versions of members of the world phenomenon BTS," Bandai America's Brand Strategist Trish Garrett said in a statement. "Tiniton's characters add a really fun spin on the Tamagotchi drama pattern that fans have come to know and love."

The game will feature Titanic characters, a group of small animated humans based on the seven members of BTS. TinyTan Crew has been around for a few years—it has merchandise, stars in cute music videos, and has 3.7 million followers on Twitter.

Things you'll do with the members of TinyTen include dancing (via a mini-game called Dance! Dynamite!), baking (via a mini-game called Make a Custard Tart!), and serving their favorite food. . is included. Hairstyles and costumes will change depending on the games you play.

Now I know what you're thinking: Does this mean you could be responsible for a BTS member's death? I don't think so, but there's a thinly veiled threat in the press release: "Keep your character's tension barometer low or they'll head back to the magic door." This is probably a reference to the TinyTen video, Magic Door, in which the animated group arrives at a cafe through a mysterious portal and performs to please a gaudy barista. Perhaps the idea is that your assigned member will use this door to leave your pocket and return to traditional BTS activities, like playing sold-out stadium shows in Vegas and hanging out with John Batiste, if you don't keep them occupied. Which, fair enough.

If that sounds like your thing, you can preorder the TinyTan Tamagotchi now for $19.99. Then you'll have to engage yourself in some other way for the next several months because the units aren't actually hitting shelves until October. I am totally getting one and will report back if I am able to get my BTS bandmember's attention.

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