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Bo Burnham's new hour-long video goes behind the Inside (and has new songs)

Bo Burnham's new hour-long video goes behind the Inside (and has new songs)

When We Were Outside Touching the Grass (Not), Bo Burnham stitched together an entire hour of outtakes and cut content in his 2021... movie/musical/comedy special/Existence Crisis. While much of Inside Outtake is exactly what it says on the tin (flub, different takes, and behind-the-scenes clips from the original), there are a few new songs too — within the first minute, we hear a new melody from Jeffrey. The downtempo version of "Problematic" revisits themes of depression and the end of days, about Bezos who leads to full earworms of a new song that sounds like music. gets trapped inside. In other words, it strikes me as much as the original, which isn't a great sign, but what can you do?

While the original special is on Netflix, the outtakes are available for free on YouTube. As per the description of the video, they were shot from March 2020 to May 2021 and were edited in the last two months. (Some of the material is pretty easy to keep on time, though — is one of the newer songs with lyrics like "They're really going to vote for me for Joe Biden?")

Burnham also says that he will release a deluxe version of the Inside album "soon", which will hopefully include new songs. I still listen to the original version of the album relatively often (with that one Phoebe Bridgers cover), but who wouldn't say a dubious romance ballad or an undeniably catchy song about an unhappy marriage or a chicken living in the future. ,

You can check the withdrawal here. And if you haven't seen the original, let me be the latest that a long line of people can go completely crazy to see it and tell you a million times that it's great and relatable. No, I will not consider what it says about me.

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