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The F-150 Lightning Now Costs $20K More Than It Was Announced

The F-150 Lightning Now Costs $20K More Than It Was Announced

Ford is raising the price of the F-150 Lightning for the fourth time -- the base "Pro" trim goes from $55,974 to $59,974, not including the $1,895 shipping fee. When the company announced the Lightning in May 2021, the starting price for the Pro was $39,974, which is $20,000 less than it is now. Other models in the lineup, such as the Lariat and the Platinum, are also getting a price hike.

According to Automotive News, the Lariat trim ranges from $1,500 to $77,869, and the Platinum model now ranges from $1,200 to $99,969. (Those prices include shipping charges.) The slightly more attainable XLT trim is the only one that appears to be unaffected—its price rose to $63,474 in December, and it looks like it's staying there. However, it is priced much higher than its original sticker price of $52,974.

The company has faced several challenges since launching the electric pickup. Perhaps most notable was a battery fire that forced the company to halt production and shipments for weeks as it worked on a fix and prompted the recall of more than a dozen trucks. That wouldn't be good under any circumstances, but it's especially appalling given the company's intense focus on electrification -- and making big cuts to its workforce as part of that push.

While CNBC reports that the company has restarted Lightning production, that doesn't mean the truck is going to be more accessible to consumers. Both the company's consumer and pro sites note that "the current model year is no longer available for retail order" due to high demand. And, of course, high prices.

Its competition isn't much better. Rivian's R1T starts at around $73,000, and the company is telling people placing reservations today that they shouldn't expect delivery until at least fall 2023. In the meantime, prices are subject to change, and delays are always a possibility.

In the meantime, the price, availability, and position of the windshield wipers for Tesla's Cybertruck are still up in the air.

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