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Peacock's John Wick prequel series takes on continental potential in new trailer

Peacock's John Wick prequel series takes on continental potential in new trailer

While the first teaser for Peacock's upcoming The Continental series was light on details, the latest trailer certainly makes it seem like John Wick is about to live up to the action-packed reputation of the prequel films - or die trying.

Set in 1970s New York City, The Continental revolves around younger versions of Winston Scott (Colin Woodell) and Charon (Iomide Adeghan), as the two become embroiled in a complex war of assassins that leads to their deaths in the series. ends with. Happens with coming to power. nameless hotel While it's nothing new to Winston about the kind of business being run at the Continental, the new trailer establishes that it isn't until his brother Frankie (Ben Robeson) confronts the hotel's then-head Cormac (Mel Gibson). ) does not take ) which he actually starts. Get lost in a world of costumed madness.

Instead of working solely with Cormac to get back what Frankie stole, the new trailer for The Continental shows Winston teaming up with his brother and several other outsiders like Miles' (Hubert Point) Alliance, who can take matters into their own hands. du Jour), Lou (Jessica Allen), and Lemmy (Adam Shapiro), to destroy the hotel.

Of course, in a hotel like the Continental - which is full of crazed professional killers trying to get comfortable - removing that kind of hostile takeover is easier said than done. The trailer makes it clear that each of Winston's targets will face an exquisitely choreographed fight before he is able to eliminate them, which is great to watch. But the trailer also makes it clear that Gibson's Cormac is going to be central to The Continental's plot, which is an incredibly disappointing and strange choice on the part of producer Lionsgate Television, which probably led to more than a few people joining The Continental. Have become. Continental se Rukega Jab will hit Peacock on 22 September.

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