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Tommy Tallarico's house that never appeared on MTV-Cribs is for sale

Tommy Tallarico's house that never appeared on MTV-Cribs is for sale

Remember Tommy Tallarico? The famous video game musician who claimed to have created Roblox's infamous "Oops" sound effect then got into a legal dispute with the game's developers demanding an unspecified amount of money for the continued use of the sound effect? Eventually, the matter was resolved and Roblox eventually removed the sound from the game entirely.

You know, Tommy Tallarico! The man who claimed he was the first American to work on the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, despite the fact that his first Sonic credit was for Sonic and the Black Knight in 2009, just before Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was being developed and released in the US just before. After 17 full years.

He's also a man who claims multiple Guinness World Records, including "Who has worked on the most video games in his lifetime" with over 300 credits (his mother is very proud). The problem was that only 100 of those credits were verifiable, and Guinness retitled the record as "Most Prolific Videogame Music Composer" before scrapping the record entirely.

That's Tommy Tallarico.

Who then tried to relaunch a new Intellivision console by taking millions of dollars in crowdfunding while the people working on the project were misrepresented to potential investors. Tallarico resigned from Intellivision in 2022 amid product delays and financial struggles, which apparently did not hinder the company's plans to release a console.

Remember him and how crazy all his claims were?

Well, you can buy her house — you know, the one she (falsely) boasted about on MTV Cribs — for $3 million.

Honestly, for that price, it seems like a steal.

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