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Samsung mocks Apple's crushing iPad Pro ad with its own 'Uncrush' pitch

Samsung mocks Apple's crushing iPad Pro ad with its own 'Uncrush' pitch

Samsung has heard that Apple managed to annoy a lot of people with last week's "Crush" ad, in which the device, arcade games, and figurines were transformed into a shiny new OLED-screened iPad Pro, and apparently But basically he just wanted to join the conversation. Apple eventually apologized, with an executive saying it "missed the mark."

On the one hand, reactions included people like Hugh Grant representing a slightly-too-old past for creativity and the arts, Big Tech's steamroller approach to copyright, and generic AI. It was operated by the power of the device. On the other side were those who were upset to learn that there had been a reaction.

In response, the Samsung Mobile account on X posted this video with the hashtag "Uncrush", which Ad Age reports was produced by BBH USA and directed by Zane Pace. It shows a woman stepping over debris and spilled paint reminiscent of the end of Apple's big hydraulic press event and strumming notes on a guitar with the help of the power of Galaxy AI and the notes displayed on her Galaxy Tab S9. Takes a seat to play.

No matter which side you're on when it comes to the great iPad advertising political divide, it's a little fun to see Samsung again trying to find a weak point in Apple's armor. Samsung's marketing department used to be practically experts at this thing, which company lawyers argued "drove Apple crazy", but the in-box charging adapter was abandoned after iPhone ads were removed. . It seemed as if the department had ended. Recent efforts, such as the browser-based Galaxy Test Drive for iPhone owners, didn't amount to much as mocking that distinctive notch.

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