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The Meta Ray-Ban Challenger Chat comes with GPT-4O and a camera.

The Meta Ray-Ban Challenger Chat comes with GPT-4O and a camera.

If you want glasses with hands-free video recording and an AI voice assistant, there aren't a lot of options, and the Ray-Ban Meta smartglasses are the clear leader. But Solos, whose smartglasses currently only have audio functionality, says it will sell a camera-equipped version later this year — with OpenAI's new GPT-4O AI model the camera will be able to recognize objects and answer questions about what you're looking at.

The Solos AirGo Vision also includes the same swappable frame system as Solos' other glasses so you can change the camera — if you're going somewhere a camera wouldn't be socially acceptable, or if you just want a different look or some sun shades. Additional frames cost between $89 and $129.

The Vision will also have notification LEDs to alert you to incoming calls or emails, and the company claims they can also be integrated with Google Gemini and Anthropic's cloud AI models. Like Meta's Ray-Bans, they'll answer questions over audio — they have no display other than the LEDs.

A price or specific release date for the AirGo Vision hasn't been revealed yet, but you can expect them to cost more than $249.99 — as that's how much Solos will charge for a pair without a camera in July. The Ray-Bans still start at $299.

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