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Whatsapp promoting racism - A Survey

With the new update, Whatsapp has introduced some new modifications to its emoticons. Now those who have already downloaded the latest update must have experienced that change in emoticons.

So the new change is that emoticons that are related to human race for eg. face, smiling face, hand, thumbs up are now available in different complexions, We don't have any idea of what was the need of doing it.

People around the world are having different complexions and are already struggling as there is still racism existing in society and in such a situation whatsapp introducing such emoticons, that we believe will simply work as a catalyst.

Some cases are already found where some fair complexion friends were whatsapping there friends having darker complexion - "that whatsapp have introduced emoticons for you lolzz"

Now these texts are simply having no meaning as those were said as part of joke but still just think how bad people with dark complexion would have felt after receiving such messages from there friends.

We as an individual on one hand are continuously trying to wipe out social problems like racism from society and at the same time such emoticons are being introduced that promotes racism are simply not acceptable.

We did a survey - Asking random people about what do you feel - Introduction of such emoticons will promote racism or not - Maximum people have reverted back with a yes - it will promote.

We - Team technorants point are simply boycotting such updates from whatsapp and are switching to hike messenger.


  1. Thats simply wrong .. .. Sad that they introduced such emoticons