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Google Filter Can Be Bypassed With New Plugin

New Firefox add-on is able to restore the words being filtered from Google’s Autocomplete. The plugin is called “Gee! No evil!”, and was designed specifically to circumvent Google’s Autocomplete search censoring regime.


In was in the very beginning of 2011 when Google started implementation of a 4-part plan titled “Making Copyright Work Better Online”. The primary aim of the plan was to better tackle users whom Google calls the “bad apples” using the web with the purpose of infringing copyright. The plan consists of four parts, with one of them being an attempt to prevent terms that are closely associated with copyright infringement from appearing in Autocomplete. In other words, such terms as “BitTorrent”, “RapidShare”, and “uTorrent” are now all banished from Google’s Autocomplete.

A few months passed before the add-on was released to circumvent this restriction. “Gee! No evil!” is a Firefox plugin able to restore terms that are currently censored from Google’s Autocomplete. The developers of the plugin claim that censorship on behalf a “dinosaur industry” is close to evil, and therefore should be killed with fire. The introduced add-on will easily remove this “evil”. In addition, the plugin will serve the dual purpose of reminding the big G – that’s why the developers named it “Gee! No evil!”

Actually, this new plugin was developed by the same team who created “MAFIAAFire” add-on, which allowed Internet users to un-censor the domain names that had been illegally taken down within the ICE’s “Operation In Our Sites” seizure campaign. “MAFIAAFire” works by redirecting browsers to new websites of the banned services wherever they may be.

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