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How to become a professional hacker | career in Ethical Hacking

Hi friends, Like others I will not talk about going to launch a magazine, please subscribe this, In the world of computer and Internet i will not make a plan to sell a paper made magazine. I am very angry with people who call themselves hacker, even they don't know coding, Everyone is a hacker who can exploit something. I will not say i have created a hacking videos toolkit, this is awesome and available at discounted prizes for some days, Making people fool before first April is not my hobby. I will not use mumbai terrorist attack photos to get traffic,I will not promote a worst product to earn affiliate commission, or write a paid review about a product or company.
Don't you people think all this is sucking and you are fed up with all this.
   I'll disclose only secrets that no one disclose. Not in this post but in my next post, truth about the security and hacking business.
 I got a lot of questions from my readers that they worked hard on Internet to get deep knowledge about hacking and  security but don't have a certification in hacking. They worked hard but unable to find which job profile suit them best.First of all if you talk about working in a security firm as a professional hacker, you need to know how to become a professional hacker.
There are some steps to do this--
(1) Need a mindset/premindset to exploit things even its a human mind, computer or electric appliance
(2) Sound knowledge of operating systems, application software, Internet and hardware
(3) Every wanna be professional hacker should be perfect in at least one programming language
(4) They should have basic knowledge of networking, routers and servers.
(5) Knowledge of database management is must
(6) knowledge of One web designing language and one server side srcipting language.
(7) CEH certificate or a local vendor certification can also work.
(8) Over confident, Rude behaviour and Attitude, use of abusive words can help you finding a good job( Ha...Ha...Ha)
If you have these seven things no one can stop you  becoming a hacker, now your skills depends on your hard work but when you are going to join a organization as a professional hacker or security expert these basic things are needed, other professional techniques you will learn in the company's training room only.At that place a hardcore hacker get to know he knows nothing about hacking.
Now the question comes in which field i can make my career. Here i want to present an example, some of my friends was good in electronics, but at the time they was going to take admission in B.Tech they thought It market is growing day by day, providing attractive salary packages and have a glamours career. So they took computers and now you can understand in which situation they are living....Jobless, Hopeless and aimless.
So friends never study subject in demand, study which you find interesting.
(1) If you work good as a web developer , make yourself perfect in that type of hacking techniques.
(2) If programming, take a move to pen-testing
(3) If networking, take a move to network security
(4) If you feel you can hack human minds easily, go to social engineering
(5) Having security approach in your mind can also make you a good programmer
(6) If you are operating system worm, that can make you system security engineer
(7) Other than that if your area of interest are mobile, bluetooth or voip they also have a hot career.
Choose one , make a group and start Hacking

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