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Get Back Old Facebook ChatBox | How To Revert Old Chat Bar

Old Facebook Chat Lovers this post is Specially For you........Now enjoy :)

How to get back old Facebook Chat Box is new termed searched after the
facebook's recent update for its Chat sidebar . I liked the all
previous updates or FB but this is the first thing which I didn't like
because of some reasons and I think you also dislike these cheap
update for new facebook chat box .So lets read more on Get old
facebook sidebar

Disadvantages Of New Facebook Chat Bar :

*. We have to disable the sidebar at every login
*. Only shows the list of those who you chatted most
*. Unordered list of the peoples ifthey are online or offline also

Get Back Old Facebook Chat Box | Revert to the Old Facebook Chat:
*. Login to your Facebook account
*. Now open this link presence/popout.php in new tab
*. You are done to get the classic and old facebook chat box By using
this method you have to always open that link in new tab for every
time, so the new solution for this is given below

Get Back Old Facebook Chat Box | How To Revert Old Facebook Chat Bar:
*. Open Firefox and click on Bookmarks button
*. Go with Organize bookmarks then new bookmark and do the following settings
1. Name : Anything
2. Add : presence/popout.php
3. Check on load this bookmark at sidebar

*. Then whenever you want to chatjust press "Ctrl+B" These above two
mentioned methods to get back old Fb chat is the all over used method
working perfectly and great. This will help you to maintain your old
classic Facebook Chatting experience

So friends, I hope you enjoyed this article on How To Revert To Old
Facebook Chat Box / Bar and if you have any problem or want to share
your own views about this then please do comment for " How To Get Back
Old Facebook Chat "

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