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Update Facebook Status From Google Plus!

If you have to login to both sites, Google+ for new taste of social networking and Facebook because some of us just can’t stop using Facebook and migrate to Google+ at once, then this trick is all about you! Although, Google has not yet come up with any of the G+ API that may provide a shortcut, but still we can try a work around to synchronize the Google Plus status with Facebook.

Drawback: Only limited number of characters go to Facebook status, due to the email template of Google+. Therefore write short and precise one liner status on Google+ in order for it to appear on Facebook.

How To Post Status on Facebook From Google Plus?

Just follow the following simple steps…
Step 1: Go to and click the link that says: "Send my upload email to me now" . Then check your Inbox to get your personalized email address which will be used to post text, videos, and photos straight on your Facebook profile. This is something private for you, like unique id for every Facebook user. See the image below:
facebook mobile email
This Email ID will look something like this:
Step 2: Go to and then click Circles section where you can invite your friends to your G+ profile.
google circles
Step 3: Create a new circle, give any name to it for example like myfacebook , click add a new person
add a new person
and then write the email address you got in step 1. Add this person to the myfacebook circle that you just created.
Step 4: You are done, now whenever you are updating your stream/status at Google+, include your myfacebook circle that contains the Facebook email by clicking the link that says "Add more people".  See below
Google+ status
Remember to check the box that says "Also email 1 person not yet using Google+"
Since your Facebook email is not using Google+ so your status will be sent to Facebook via this email.
On Facebook your status will appear like this:


That's all! :)
Until you get any plug-in by developers, I think this is an interesting trick that clicked my mind today and thought of sharing it. If you face any problems just let me know

Note: Sometimes the status doesn't appear on your Facebook profile so you must try different browsers. I recommend Google Chrome.

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