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CDAC: What is CCPP (common campus placement program) ???

Hello friends many of you are confused about what actually this CCPP is ??

Below I'v tried to clear all your doubts n I hope that helps you :)

CCPP: Common Campus Placement Program

The Placement Department organizes a Common Campus Placement Program(CCPP) for every batch of DAC and all other C-DAC course students. The CCPP is held at Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. All the training centres actively coordinate the task of organizing the campus interviews for all the students. The date for the commencement of the campus placement activity all over in India, is released by the ACTS Headquarters, Pune. The centres only catalyze the process of bringing the companies to the campus and enable students to go through the campus recruitment process.

The Invitation for participation in the Common Campus Placement Program is sent to prospective companies well in advance before the campus activity starts. Normally the placement week starts in the First / Second Week of February and August every year. Once the centres receive confirmation for participation, they share the database of students with the companies. The ACTS student database along with the query engine is also available to the companies. This will enable the companies across the globe to access the database and shortlist suitable candidates for placement in India and abroad. 

Over past 18 years, CDAC have shaped the careers of over 80,000 IT Professionals in the field of Software development, Very large scale designing and in Embedded designing. These students are well placed in the various IT industries in India and abroad.

They also conduct soft skill sessions for the students for their overall personality development by which they improve their communication skills, presentation skills, aptitude, interview techniques, group discussion skills and many other aspects of their personality. They also undergo meditation for managing the stress they experience during the course and also prepares them for a successful career thereafter.

CCPP was introduced so that no student of CDAC is deprived of placements and opportunities. Their main motive is that each and every student studying in any CDAC affilated or authorised centre must get a fair chance to get placed in BIG MNC's...

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  1. is the placement going to conduct for all branches of cdac at same place or else it is like regionwise reply mee......... i am in dilemna

  2. Its Region wise... for eg: if we consider the case of Pune, then all the placements of CDAC PUNE will take place in ACTS PUNE and all the students of cdac in pune will participate in it.
    Hope u got it now :)

  3. how many companies come for off campus recruitment if i failed to place in on campus process of c dac

  4. At an average around 80 to 100 companies visit CDAC every year for recruitment. For around one month tha on campus recruitment goes on.. And then starts the off campus. It doesn't really matter if it's an off campus or on campus. Companies come in huge number to recruit quality candidates in sufficient numbers..

  5. Suppose one company say semantic cam e,can all students of cdac of different courses are eligible to apply for that, means dac,ditiss,dba,n all.pleas answer

    1. For common campus placement there is a common database of all the students appearing for placements(From various courses), All the details of students are already present in that database, Companies come with different criteria's, Admin feeds that search criteria in database that selects some students that are fulfilling that criteria, Then that list is sent to there respective institutes, post which a mail is sent to students for an interview call.

      This is the basic process that happens for selecting students who are appearing in placements. However if some institute that, some student is deserving to sit in that drive, but system has not selected that student, then manually his or her name can be added to callers list.

  6. How about the chances of iot?,which are the top companies coming to pick iot students?

  7. How about the chances of iot?,which are the top companies coming to pick iot students?

    1. Hi,

      No exact data about this course, Sorry !!

      Team Technorants

  8. which kind of companies comes for DESD course in off campus, for development or testing only.

  9. Very usefull information. Here you can read complete information about CDAC CCPP

  10. I have 90 in 10th
    70% in 12th
    But 3 years gap and very less aggregate in BE
    Whats my placement scenario
    Considering i did well in whole course?

  11. How to join in cdac training ? Pls reply I got no information about this