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Roaming free India in 2013

Hi Folks, hope you all are doing good. Today I am going to post a new article on Roaming in India.

Guys you must have heard or read somewhere that India is going to be roaming free in 2013 and this will be in action from january 1st, But Let me tell you that India is most probably going to be roaming free in 2013 but the exact date or month is yet not decided. So that first january date was nothing but a rumor.

In may 2012 the Union Cabinet approved the National Telecom Policy 2012 (NTP 2012) around heavy expectations from hopefuls. It also authorized DOT to finalize the new Unified Licensing era with the approval of Minister of Communications and IT. At the time, it had been decided then that there would be a One Nation, One License policy across services and areas that will effectively eradicate roaming charges. As a result of this, difference between local and STD calls in the country will no longer be prevalent.

Abolishing roaming charges certainly looks like the one thing that would appeal to the masses a lot, since those travelling will not have to worry about steep bills.

Roaming charges will most probably be removed by this year. And the year 2013 will set new landmarks in the era of telecommunication.

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