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Should I join CDAC or continue with Job in any IT company KPO BPO etc

Should I join CDAC or continue with Job in TCS or any other company?

This post is for those, Who are currently working in any IT company but are not happy with their roles in the company, and are planning to join CDAC, but are confused that joining CDAC after working 1 or years in company will be a wise decision or not ?

After working for one or two years in your company, if suddenly you have started feeling that you are not happy with your job, kind of work you are doing is not good, and will not take your career any where, This is the right time for you to rethink and plan your career strategies.

General Scenario of any engineering student:

Generally, After completion of engineering from an average college, Student gets placed in some or other company and it seems a great career booster at that point of time, But after joining companies for eg: TCS, They don't get the kind of work that they dreamed off. And suddenly start feeling to quit the job or switch to some other company, Most of the people succeed in switching the job, but many gets stuck in the same company.

Why people are not able to switch the Job?

There can be many reasons for this, But mainly there are two reasons:
1) Skills are not that much enhanced to crack the interview (Most Important)
2) Confusion and lack of guts to make any decision

What should you do, If skills are not that much enhanced ?

Obviously, you should start preparing and get time for yourself and invest that time in learning the concepts. But most of the times people are not able to give time for studies. That's where CDAC comes into picture. You should make up your mind, Give yourself a break, Quit the Job and Join CDAC

Reasons why you should join CDAC and Quit your Job ?

1) First and foremost reason is what you already know: You are not happy with your JOB and want to enhance your skills.

2) After getting your course done, you will get ample of opportunities through CDAC only.
Once you will be done through your CDAC, cracking an interview of TCS, Infosys, Accenture will be piece of cake for you.

3) As an ASE in TCS, (it's just a guess) may be you will get a start of 3.5 or close as these companies usually give, but after completing your course, you will get many opportunities. 3.5lpa is an average package in CDAC. There are some companies like Manhatten which provides 7.5lpa start. THere are many more, which gives a good start of 5 or 6lpa, which is better than 3.5 or 4lpa, if you are getting this start now.

4) CDAC training itself is very hard. You have to wake up at 6 or 6:45, depends, basically your day starts with a class at 7. And they expect you to be in formals with a tie, even in sweltering summers. But the quality of training ACTS students receive is outstanding.

There are other factors as well. Companies like Accenture, Infi, TCS keep on recruiting every 6 months, and you can get an other option in these companies. You can also give elitmus for a better company. Eventually you will be in a good company. But after CDAC, as the companies know, you have already been trained, there are some chances of landing you in a better project.


  1. This is very nice article and I am planning to join cdac, because I am actually stuck in my job

  2. If I join CDAC Hyderabad for pgdesd after 4 yrs of btech because I am a 2014 pass-out with no experience will I get placement opportunities or is it better for freshers only

  3. Hi,

    I would like to know more about PG-IoT and PG-ESD courses little further. I am already working on a IT company for past 4 years. I want to dig deep and learn more about Linux / RTOS Embedded Systems and IOT end peripherals. Also I am planning for masters at Europe next year. Will it be a good option to opt for CDAC PG Diploma course to get learn more on relevant field, before pursuing masters?