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Which course is better among DESD, DSSD, DIVESD?

Very often Students post this Question, Which is the best course among DESD, DSSD, DIVESD ?

I find students in a big confusion like which course to join, For those who are going  for DAC, they already know that its the best course in CDAC. But what about other courses. In this article below I'll try to answer this Question like which student should go for which course.

Friends, One thing I always say, that if you are planning to join CDAC only by seeing others success, and you don't have interest in this field then better try to find out what's your interest in, and go for that.

There are many factors that play a role in deciding a particular course, Ofcourse the final aim of joining CDAC is to get placed in a company, But is not the only aim, There are various other aim's as well that are much more important.

Below are some:

1) Knowledge
2) Confidence
3) job

Guys, Before joining CDAC, if you believe that you have enough knowledge and confidence to crack a interview, then better don't join CDAC, instead search for jor job in market and apply for interviews, even after trying you are not getting enough opportunities, then go for CDAC.

For joining any course, you should have 3 goals, Knowledge, confidence and finally JOB.

Thumb RULE:

With knowledge comes confidence and with knowledge and confidence both comes JOB.

Reason why you want to join any particular course:

1) Inspired by other's Success (Every time this does'nt work, if you yourself dont have interest)
2) Have Interest in that particular field. (Best reason to join any course)
3) Want to get Job (Ofcourse if you have interest and knowledge, you will get JOB)

Now, After reading the article till now, I am presuming that you are actually willing to joing a course that you are interested in, And you already know your area of interests.

Now, that you already know your area of interests, Let's have a look at what each course actually provide, and after completing these courses what you will achieve?

What these courses actually are ?

DESD: PG Diploma In Embedded Systems and Design (PG-DESD)

After completion of this course, These candidates will be trained in Hardware and Firmware design of Embedded System based applications, Internet of Things ( IoT), Project development and Management skills. At the end of the course students will be able to work as System design engineer and embedded engineer with good knowledge of RT Linux, Microcontroller and Microprocessor based design, Device driver and RTOS. Students can start career as Embedded Developer, tester and leads to project manager after having relevant experience.

DSSD: PG Diploma In Embedded Systems and Design (PG-DSSD)

After completion of this course, Candidates will be trained in System Level Programming, Operating System Internals, Cyber Security, Computer Networking, software Engineering methodology, Project development and Management skills.
They can start career as System Engineer, Tester and leads to Project Manager after having relevant experience.

DIVESD: PG Diploma in VLSI and embedded system  (PG-DIVESD)

After completion of course students will be able to develop field-programmable gate array (FPGA) implementations, application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) designs, CMOS design and SoCs in VLSI industry as VLSI designer/ chip designer. Students will also be able to develop a programmable chip using verilog and system verilog languages.


Decide your area of interest's, Attain enough knowledge in CDAC, Ultimately you'll get confidence and Finally JOB.

If you have any Questions and Queries, Feel free to comment in comment Box below


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