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Google Adsense The number of ads you can show has been limited ? Reason ? Fix ?

Google Adsense The number of ads you can show has been limited ? Reason ? Fix ?

100% Solved Google Adsense Limited ads - Many People are getting this message from adsense these days, For details got to policy center, Blocking or limiting ads on you account by adsense is not any new thing, Google generally limits ads on various accounts, wherever it suspects something suspicions happening. 
But the good news is, that you can fix it, By taking care of few things that i am going to discuss below. 

Fake Assumptions:

Many people on youtube would say that this has happened because of Traffic from Social media or Youtube, But This is not true, Infact social media traffic is considered good for you website, So don'y believe such fools.

Main reasons for Limited ads are:

1. Referral Spam Traffic

There are many websites that bring traffic to your website, that are spam, Some invalid looking Links and Opening so many pop ups along with your website, For This you need to track, traffic sources of your website, So, Closely monitor Google analytics traffic to your website. Referral spam traffic adversely impacts you google rankings as well. So, try to remove any such links.

2. Auto-generated Bot traffic

Make sure you are not using any Bots to generate traffic to your website, These Bots became popular in 2013-14, when many website owners found them useful and gained a lot of traffic, But now a days, Google is very smart and will catch you, So do not go for such options, Make sure You have removed all the Bot's traffic from any bots in case You are using. 
There might also be cases, where, Some one else is sending fake traffic from bots to you website, Check that as well. 

3. Buying traffic from Websites

Many people find buying traffic as genuine option for generating traffic to your website, But Thats not true as well, Now a days Google only consider Organic Traffic, and social media traffic, So dont go for any buying options.

4. C4C:

C4C means, Click for Click, You click you friends website and in favor you friend will click your website, There are many such groups on social media Like facebook and whatsapp, Where people mutually agree to do so, This is also kind of traffic Buying, Google detects that as well and Limits advertisements, So stop it immediately in case you are doing.

5: Invalid Clicks:

In case you are clicking your ads, Or asking your friends to click on ads on your website, Then stop doing so, Because google will detect that as well, And limit ads on your website,

So, Above are few points, that you can take case off, and Get your adsense working back to normal.

In case you have not been doing any of the above, and still you have limited ads on your website, then do wait, Since it should be some Google adsense bug, And you surely should get your adsense account back to work again soon.

In case you guys have any Queries related to above article, Do write  back to me in comments section.


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