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7 Blogging Mistakes which every Blogger Should avoid

7 Blogging Mistakes which every Blogger Should avoid

  • It takes time to make any blog successful. When a person is blogging, he also makes a lot of mistakes, especially in the early days, while blogging a new blogger makes a lot of mistakes.

  • Due to these mistakes, the blogger does not get good results from blogging or it can be said that it takes time to get good results.

  • Today, people who have established themselves as successful bloggers must have been new bloggers at some time and they too have made a lot of mistakes.

  • As we all know that a person learns only by making mistakes, but if we first know who are blogging mistakes and if they do not, then we can make our blog a better blog soon.

  • So now you must be thinking that which is the mistake that should not be done in blogging? So, in this article, we are sharing with you all those blogging mistakes that you have to avoid so that you can make your blog a better blog.

Contents :

  • 7 Blogging Mistakes which every Blogger Should avoid
  • Start a Blog Without Knowing About Niche
  • Writing Posts Without Keyword Research
  • Writing Post WITHOUT Promoting
  • Lack of Consistency
  • Focusing More on Quantity Rather Than Quality
  • Not Spy on Competitors
  • Patience

Start a Blog Without Knowing About Niche

  • Many new bloggers make this mistake and for this reason they do not get success in blogging. Sunate about someone that makes money from blogging, then see what he blogs about and start blogging about the same.

  • Many times you start a blog without thinking and post a post for a few days or a few months and then after that you do not know the post idea, you do not publish the post continuously.

  • Because you start a blog without knowing about below.

What is Niche?

  • A blog Niche is a specific topic that you write on your blog
  • Finding the right Niche is the most important part of building a blog that is often overlooked.
  • We are giving you some great tips on how to find a profitable Niche that can generate traffic to your website and eventually turn it into a successful income source.
  • You enjoy the subject on which you talk a lot, try to think about it.
  • Do market research. That is, you see how much people want to read or know about the subject you are interested in and what is the source of income in that partner. How much income can you make by talking about that subject.
  • Make sure that it is profitable, that is, the money you are choosing will have income or whether your partner will be able to earn it for a long time or not.
  • Looking at all three, passion knowledge and profitability, choose the subject correctly.

Do you know that despite writing and publishing your content continuously, traffic does not come on your blog.

This is because often you write your blog content without doing keyword research.

What is keyword research?

  • Keyword research is the process of searching for "words" or "keywords" that generate more traffic and leads to your websites from search engines like Google.

  • Here are some essential tools that you will be able to use for keyword research.

  • Ubersuggest If you are looking for free Keyword research tool then you must check it out. This is the tool we are using to find potential keywords for our site.

  • SEMrush can find every single description of the keyword using this tool
  • Ahrefs This is another reliable tool that gives you all the information related to the keyword according to the search keyword.
  • KWFinder is a long tail keyword research tool and it also shows you the trend, search volume, CPC and difficulty level of the results. So that you get complete information about the keyword and understand that it can be targeted. or not.

Open any of the tools mentioned above and write the keyword or word on which you want to write the article and then see the result. Like how many people search about him, how many bloggers have written above that topic. What blog post is ranking in the search engine for that keyword, what is its domain authority, how many backlinks has he made for that post, etc.

Writing Post But Not Promoting

  • There are so many new bloggers who write regular and good content, but then traffic does not come from search engines on their website blog.

  • Despite having a good and lot of articles on the blog, why not get traffic?

  • Because many times new bloggers focus only on creating content and do not promote it i.e. Off Page SEO because they do not know about its importance.

What is Off Page SEO ??

  • Off page SEO is a process in which all work is done outside of your website and improves the ranking position of your site in the search engine.

Here I am telling you some off-page SEO technique, by which you can rank your blog post in search engine.

  • Social profile creation.
  • Social network.
  • Social bookmarking.
  • Guest blogging.
  • Broken link acquisition
  • Competitor research
  • Blog marketing

  • There are also many bloggers who become a successful blogger very quickly in their work time, the most reason behind this is conscience. No blogging, people who work continuously in any field, they succeed quickly.

  • That is why do not focus on results. Instead, focus on creating an all blog posting schedule and keep following it.

  • Even if you are posting one in a week, follow it for a year and it becomes a routine for you!

  • Take these tips to create a proper blog posting frequency

  • Publish less often but make your content extremely detailed.
  • Focus on quality rather than quantity

  • Focusing More on Quantity Rather Than Quality

One of the earliest questions that every blogger has in mind is whether I should write more blog posts or should I only publish high quality posts after a period of time like 1 or 2 weeks?

If you just lag in writing more and more blog posts, then you are not able to maintain the quality of post content.

Not writing in depth articles is one of the biggest mistakes in blogging. Therefore, you should avoid making this mistake.

Now the point is, how to write a blog post that will rank high in the search engines with the content of your competitors?

  • Spend more and more time in research. The more you spend researching those subjects, the better you will be able to write about them.
  • Read the articles of your competitors who are already doing well in search engines (search engines) so that you understand how to craft and write your blog posts.
  • When you write your blog post, try to write in Google Docs because it keeps your data safe. Many times you keep writing and the internet goes away or the computer shuts down, you can still save your writing without any hassle.

Try to write every day. Practice writing every day so that you can create attractive great content that ranks well in Search Engine.

Not Spy on Competitors

  • Everyone does good work on the blog, writes good content, but still you are not able to do well in blogging.

  • Because many times new bloggers keep applying their thinking only, they do not study the good blogs that are under them, they do not see the way of those bloggers.

  • If you pay attention to the way your competitors work, then you will learn a lot of new things and you will be able to do much better if you work.

How to spy on your competitor's top blog posts?

Here I am telling you the names of some tools, some of it is free and some is paid. By opening these tools, you can write your domain name and search and learn about your competitors.

  • Alexa
  • SimilarWeb
  • SEMrush
  • Google Advanced Search Operators.
  • Siteliner.
  • Keyword Competitor.
  • Patience

Everyone expects quicker and better results. But you should know these things well that it takes time to earn money from a blog.

  • It has been 3 years since I started this blog and now I am earning a lot of money. Now, income is increasing gradually.

  • It all comes with experience.

  • Understand that blogging takes time, so you should have patience to earn money from it, and if not, then you will not be able to last long in blogging.

Impotant Tip :
If you want to rank your blog post in the search engine, then write the post in full detail written in long form and then submit a sitemap and after that make high quality backlinks for that post.

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