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Facebook and Reliance Jio | What New york times has to say about this ? Read to know

When Facebook sidelined this week to buy a share of India's largest mobile phone company, it stopped speculating on the company's broader vision for the country. 

But I have a secret for you. Done Facebook doesn't work with the Genius Master Plan. Over and over, Facebook analyzes what people do online and then takes those cues to change their application and strategy. 

It is compatible with what we did with online video. It also turned people into inappropriate ways to use WhatsApp to sell products to Facebook friends and Indian entrepreneurs (including mothers at home). Apple, led by Steve Jobs, prided itself on telling people what they needed. Facebook is the opposite. Follow our simplicity. 

This is encouraging. It is also terrible what we can do to make Facebook their behavior the world standard and use their muscles. Facebook's adaptation to our habits began years ago. Mark Zuckerberg pointed out when we made his social media debut with videos shot on smartphones. The Facebook co-founder announced that the video was the future of Facebook and the Internet. I didn't know exactly what it meant. 

It is up to us to discover if the videos were better or longer, and more interesting if they showed our cooking techniques or political news. 

Facebook's feedback loop, a computer system that brought the video to the top of the Facebook page, encouraged people and businesses to record even more. Our behavior, Facebook's encouragement, and our response to those incentives made Zuckerberg's announcement come true: The video is taking over our new screen time. 

Then, a few years ago, the company noticed that people were listing old sofas and other items for sale on Facebook, using the messaging app to exceed the price, and arranging to meet and pay the person. They were Facebook intervened to make possible transactions without leaving your virtual walls. 

The company created the marketplace, combining Craigslist with Facebook's audience size. In India and elsewhere, Facebook noticed that people started using its WhatsApp messaging app for commerce. A vegetable stand receives orders by text message on WhatsApp and organizes a moment for customers to pick them up. 

Millions of women started home businesses using WhatsApp to recommend and sell products to people in their social circles. 

Facebook did not order WhatsApp to be used in this way, but the company approved it and made it easier for companies to use WhatsApp to list and sell products. 

His connection to the Jio phone company is a way for people and small businesses in India to listen and influence the future of WhatsApp. Facebook sometimes fails when it steals your finger in the air to understand our habits. Those failures can be disastrous for the coffee shops and the media that accompany the trip.

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