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In United States - Zoom’s Biggest Rivals Are Coming for It ??

SAN FRANCISCO - As people turned to video chatting app Zoom in recent weeks, the buzz caught Facebook's attention. Inside the social network, that immediately sets a melee. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's chief executive, ordered employees to emphasize and focus on the company's own video chat projects, especially as its use of products also increased, with three people with knowledge of the plans, whom Identification denied because details are confidential. 

On Facebook's internal message boards, employees openly captured public data showing the growing popularity of the zoom, he said. 

On Friday, Facebook unveiled its biggest expansion in videoconferencing with several new video chat features and services. 

They included video group chats for over 50 people on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp video calls for eight people, and video calls in Facebook dating. Mr. Zuckerberg is not the only tech titan with a zoom on his mind. 

Google has made its video chat app Meet more accessible through Gmail this month. Cisco recently promoted its Webex teleconferencing service as highly secure compared with Zoom. And Verizon announced last week that it was acquiring the Bluegens Network, a videoconferencing service. 

Tech and telecom giants are mobilizing against Zoom as the Silicon Valley company has become one of the biggest tech beneficiaries of the Coronavirus outbreak. 

According to app Annie, an analytics firm, Zoom downloads have increased 740 percent in the last month. Zoom said it now has more than 300 million daily participants, up from 10 million before the epidemic. Facebook, Google and others want a piece of that success. 

Behind the scenes, people with knowledge of the companies said, employees are told that they have not caught much of the same discussion as Zoom, especially since many veterans have offered their own video chat software - like Google Meet - over the years.

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