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Ransomware attack hits Ontario nurses’ governing body

Ransomware attack hits Ontario nurses’ governing body

The College of Nurses of Ontario has admitted that an unfamiliar cyber incident occurred after the Netwalker ransomware gang posted personal information online on some nurses in the province. 

"The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) is in the process of resuming normal operations following a cyberspace incident," the regulator said in a statement on its website on Thursday. 

"Upon discovering the incident on 8 September, CNO immediately took steps to contain the incident and employ a leading cyber-security firm, assisting with demonetisation and conducting a comprehensive forensic investigation . 

" IT World Canada received no response from the CNO on September 16, when a request for comment was listed as a victim on the NetWalker site after learning college. 

The gang has also apparently posted a screenshot of the file folder - called "Human Resources" from the college. Netwalker is a group that copies some corporate data before encrypting information on a victim's system. It threatens to embarrass the victim by releasing sensitive information until a ransom is paid for the decryption key. 

Ontario has 121,488 registered nurses, 59,967 registered practical nurses and 3,864 nurse practitioners. As a governing body, the CNO may hold personal information of all nurses, including their home address, work address, and phone number. 

Therefore it would be highly sensitive about the possible release of personal information. 

The CNO website statement said that until normal operations begin, the open database allows the public to close a portal for a nurse, nurse renewal portal and membership applications.

 CBC News quoted Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) President Vicky McKenna, who represents registered nurses, as surprised by the news. McKenna said, "I am angry that I did not know as a member of the college that this had happened." 

“It is unforgivable to wait to tell people. I think it's embarrassing, "Michael Hurley, regional vice president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), which represents registered practical nurses, told the CBC." 

Most nurses are women, and in Canadian society, women There is a significant problem with violence against. 

I am concerned about who will have access to private information about these nurses, some of whom have prohibitions on orders against their partners, or companions who have intent to be violent. 

"When IT World Canada launched an investigation on Wednesday, the CNO website and the organization's phone line said the college's office was closed due to a technical problem.

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