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Tech facts : The role of data in taking people back to the workplace - Canada News

Tech facts : The role of data in taking people back to the workplace - Canada News

A global shift from work to home (WFH) is rapidly changing the business landscape. As the epidemic highlights vulnerabilities and challenges, many organizations have been caught by surprise, especially when it comes to their data "game". 

To win the game, businesses have to scale their IT infrastructure to support the realities of the new normal. Challenges include migration to cloud-based apps, congestion on hardware, the negative impact of the input silos needed to support WHH, and a worrying increase in the level of security threats. 

There is no question that data is the main focus as companies look for ways to get back into the office. 

The task of returning some or all employees to the office is more complicated than saying "OK, we're coming back". 

As HR and the C-suite grapple with the realities of the "new" office, where it will not be all that it was before, it is clear that the new will be different from the normal space. In a rough sea of ​​new realities, the figures will be large and require input from all departments. 

Is data a problem for your organization's return to the physical workplace? 

Are you confident that integrated data will make business decisions that will help your new normal succeed? 

If you answered any of these questions, plan to attend a webinar on October 22 using analytics to drive your back-to-work strategy. 

Tandet Group will have valuable tips and takeaways as vice president as information systems president Corey Cox talks with care leaders Archana Ramamurthy (CTO), Phil Whilburn, (Senior Director, People Analytics & Insight) and Kinnari Desai (VP Finance) will do. 

About data integration and relevance using a single platform. A particularly enlightening story will be how Workday developed its COVID response and back-to-work strategy using a single source of truth - and how you can do something similar in your return to office.

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