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Changed to Amazon Photos, at least on iOS

Changed to Amazon Photos, at least on iOS

Amazon Photos on iOS just got a major redesign, as outlined in a post on the Amazon Photos blog, suggesting that Amazon is trying to level the playing field with Google Photos.

The update aims to bring easier navigation, essentially keeping all the options within "one thumb's reach". From the home screen, you alone should be able to access your photos and account information. The home screen also features a customized slideshow that displays a reel of memories, holiday highlights, current date photos from previous years, and a random selection of photos that change on a daily basis.

Once you select a gallery, Amazon notes that you no longer need to scroll to find a specific photo—swiping up on the screen reveals a control panel that lets you view people, locations, and more. Allows you to search by year. Allows you to filter through photos. There's no word on when (or if) Amazon will update the Photos app on Android.

Despite offering free unlimited photo storage to Amazon Prime users, the service lags far behind Google Photos, so much so that some Echo users prefer to use Google Photos on their devices — something that Amazon hasn't offered yet. Is. not presented.

In an October interview with David Limp, senior vice president of devices and services at Amazon, The Verge asked Limp about integrating Google Photos with Echo devices. His response suggests that Amazon would welcome the integration, but the decision would be up to Google: "Amazon Photos is in my organization, but I'd also love to entertain a deal with Google with their photos."

It looks like Amazon is starting to focus more of its resources on its Photos service, though, as demonstrated by the age of the Amazon Photo blog. Amazon published its first post in August this year and seems to be providing frequent updates regarding photos. While it doesn't really make sense to set up a new blog, it looks like Amazon is ready to remind people that it has a photo service.

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