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Robinhood says hackers also found thousands of phone numbers

Robinhood says hackers also found thousands of phone numbers

Robinhood has revealed that "several thousand entries" in the list obtained by hackers include phone numbers, indicating that the November 3 security breach compromised more information than the company originally reported. More precisely, the list contains about 4,400 phone numbers, according to Motherboard, which allegedly obtained the list from a "proxy for hackers."

Earlier this month, Robinhood reported that hackers received 5 million customer emails and 2 million customer names after an employee was the victim of a social engineering attack. Additionally, about 300 customers had more details such as zip code and date of birth stolen, while 10 customers had "more comprehensive account details revealed." Phone numbers were not mentioned in the company's original post.

Robinhood told Motherboard that it still believes that information such as Social Security, bank account and debit card numbers were not compromised, but it is also analyzing "other text entries" in one of the lists obtained by the hackers. Is. Is. The company also posted this information in an update to its original blog post about the incident, saying it will "continue to make reasonable disclosures to those affected."

This is not the first new information, as the company originally revealed that it was hacked. Screenshots purportedly showing equipment and additional information that the hackers had access to about 10 accounts were also posted by Motherboard last week, with the publication saying they were provided by a source close to the hackers.

As Motherboard points out, accessing Robinhood users' phone numbers could leave users vulnerable to SIM swapping, or targeted phishing attacks from hackers or anyone to whom they've sold numbers. There is also concern that Robinhood did not release this information for more than a week after the attack was exposed. While it is possible that the company was not aware that the phone numbers were taken, this is not a particularly convincing explanation.

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