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Firefox's Anti-Tracking Feature Adds Per-Account VPN for More Privacy

Firefox's Anti-Tracking Feature Adds Per-Account VPN for More Privacy

Mozilla is adding its multi-account container add-on to its VPN service, which lets you keep your online personas — such as your work and personal browsing history — separate.

Multi-Account Containers has been available as a Firefox add-on since 2017. It works to "contain" your different online lives into separate tabs that you can label with colors, icons, or names. Containers don't just keep your browsing history - they also store cookies and tracking information, which means you can click on another container on the same site to sign in to different accounts.

But using add-ons with Mozilla VPN comes with a distinct advantage (well, at least in my option): the ability to hide your location in containers. As Mozilla's blog post points out, you can connect each of your online people to a different server — for example, if you're traveling abroad but want to check your online bank account back home, you can connect to a local server. You can use add - to browse for. Shop in one tab and then manage your personal finances from a server near your hometown in the other.

When paired with a multi-account container add-on, using Mozilla's VPN can help hide your web activity even further, as it makes it harder for servers to track you. Where are you accessing the site from? It's a good way to see what's happening on YouTube in two different countries at once and it's an important privacy tool if you're trying to find the connection between your various online persons.

While Mozilla VPN only came out in 2020, it would have been nice if the add-on was supported directly from the start, considering how useful it is, but now it's here.

Thanks to Mozilla's multi-hop feature — which was first released for desktop VPNs in September — it lets you route your online activity through two separate servers, and track your covers online. Is. , Today, the organization announced the addition of support for the multi-hop feature on the Mozilla VPN Android and iOS apps.

Mozilla provides instructions on how to add multi-account containers to Mozilla VPN, as well as how to turn on the multi-hop feature on mobile. Although Mozilla VPN is still a fairly new service, unique features, like its multi-account containers, may make the feature more easily accessible to users with more serious privacy concerns.

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