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Zagg Protect is the case maker's version of phone insurance

Zagg Protect is the case maker's version of phone insurance

Zagg, known for its cases and screen protectors, is now offering its own phone protection plan to take on AppleCare, SquareTrade and Asurion. The company is touting its Zagg Protect service as a lower cost and more flexible alternative to other plans—it's $100 per year, the deductible for events is only $49, and you don't have to decide which you want it or not. Buying a new phone. Zagg says any phone running iOS 11 or later or that runs Android and has access to Chrome browser version 68 or newer is in working condition as long as you sign up.

This plan appears to focus on repair rather than replacing your device — according to Zagg's website, this plan will pay up to $500 per accidental damage or device failure incident. (You get two accidental damage claims over a rolling 12-month period, "unlimited" mechanical and electrical failure claims, and a battery replacement.) Zagg cracked screens, liquid damage, and various things like cameras, charging ports, and speakers it is said. The breakdown is covered.

During the claims process, Zagg will point you to an "authorized repair location" and reimburse you after you submit a receipt for the cost of the repair. The plan also doesn't cover loss or theft, as some other options do, and Zagg says you'll get a settlement of up to $500 if your phone is deemed "beyond repair."

The terms and conditions of Zagg's protection plan say that you must use a Zagg case or screen protector to receive coverage, but the company's director of public relations, Jeff Dubois, told The Verge in an email that this is not the case. The requirement was "accidentally included in the terms and conditions as a holdover from initial conversations about the plan," and Zagg is working to meet that requirement.

Additionally, anyone who signs up for Zagg Protect by the end of February will receive a $75 credit in Zagg's online store. So while you don't need to use a phone case, if one of them talks to you, you'll be able to get one.

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