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Today I learned that LG makes space-saving room monitors

Today I learned that LG makes space-saving room monitors

Desk space is pretty limited when you're working inside a cubicle, but LG's 27-inch Libero monitor can help you free up a little more room. The monitor, which LG released in August, comes with a double-sided stand that lets you either hang it on the wall of your workspace or stand it on its own.

The design of the Libero is quite clever. It actually hangs upside down when attached to the included partition hanger, and then flips right side up when set atop your desk. LG says it automatically adjusts its screen orientation when flipped over, and it comes with a detachable webcam (with two webcam ports), so you can participate in video calls whether Whatever it is.

That said, it feels like a useful external monitor or replacement for an existing one, and its specs aren't too shabby either. The Libero features a 1440p QHD display with support for HDR10, USB-C Power Delivery, and built-in speakers. It normally costs $499.99, but it's currently on sale on Amazon for $299.99.

And yes, while there are many cubicle monitor mounts already available online, this is definitely the first monitor I've seen that comes with the functionality built-in. The mount will run you around $30 — so they're certainly a much cheaper solution to buying the Libero — but it's nice to see a monitor with an innovative design that doesn't revolve around size.

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