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Stream Deck's new paid app store is here

Stream Deck's new paid app store is here

As promised, Elgato has opened up a new marketplace, acting as an app store platform for devices like button-equipped stream decks and Wave Link. Now, people can sell plug-ins (like our Bubble Deck app), graphics, digital overlays, emotes, and digital audio effects directly to people who have devices.

Elgato, which was acquired by Corsair in 2018, is inviting people interested in creating items to reach millions of new customers with the ability to set their own prices and say that each purchase is “at least” Of the value of the item, 70 percent will go to the person who made it. Or, at least they will when it's working - the marketplace website is currently displaying a 403 error which may be due to it getting too much traffic.

While the Marketplace launched in beta for Wave Link owners earlier this summer, a new software update added a way for Stream Deck users to access and log into an Elgato account, which syncs purchased software. Is. (Whatever you have already installed). Elgato also said the account “automatically syncs multiple asset types, making setup easier and faster,” but it was unclear which ones would not be included.

This also means that the existing Stream Deck app store that was the core of its software and tools is going away, and soon, it will no longer be available. According to Elgato's FAQ, your deck and plug-ins will continue to work even if you don't install new software. However, they will not receive any updates, as the updated assets will only be available through the Marketplace.

When we reviewed Stream Deck Plus last year, we saw how much of its functionality came from developers working without a way to monetize their efforts, and it's great that they'll now be able to get paid. Still, it's unclear what effect centralizing access through the Marketplace will have on the community of people creating software for stream decks.

Another change in the new version 6.4 software update for Stream Decks will automatically add a website's favicon (that little logo you see in your browser's toolbar) to the button instead of the usual Chrome icon or anything else. I tried it myself, and it worked, but I had to remove the buttons and add the link to get the favicon to display.

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