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How to Make Android App Without Coding Free

In this post, we will tell you the Way to make Android App, I hope friends you will like all our posts, and we hope that you like all our posts.

Android Mobile is the most used in today's time, you can also create your own Android App, although there are many websites and tools on the Internet that provide you with Android App, but how do you make an app from a website These will tell.

Today everyone wants to make Android App for their Blogs, Website and Bussiness, and it is very easy to make Android App, you can create Android App without any programming, in very easy way.

How to make Android App:

To make Android App, we need a website that makes Android App, Appsgeyser is a very good website. To make any app, it does not take much time to create an app from Appsgeyser Website.

How to Use App Geyser :

From Appsgeyser Website, you can make your App in Free, in the below steps, we will teach you to make App with the help of Appsgeyser Website, follow the steps given below to make App from Appsgeyser Website.

Open website

First of all, you have to open Appsgeyser Website in your computer's browser, and then click on Create Now.

Select Category

Now you have to select the category for Android App, what kind of App is to be ade, there will be many categories in it, in which you can create Website, Messenger, Browser, if you want to make Android App for your website, then you need to make website To select, here we are telling you by making an app of the website.

Enter Website URL

After selecting the category, you have to enter the URL of your website, and then click on Next, after entering the URL of the website, after which name you want to create an app, enter the name of that app, now enter a description about the app and then Android App Add Icon to

Click On Create

After entering the complete information, now you will see the option of Create, click on it.

Enter Email ID and New Password

After clicking on Create, you have to enter your email ID, now you have to enter your new password, enter the password you want to enter, now you have to click on Sign Up.

Verify Email ID

Now you have to Verify your Email ID, for this a Confirmation Mail will come in your Email Account, click on that link and Verify, after Verifying Email, you will reach the Dashboard of Appsgeyser Website where to download the App from the link given below. , And will become your Android App.

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Benefits of AppGeyser:

There are many benefits of making an app from Appsgeyser Website, Appsgeyser Website is the best website to make any type of Android App, let's know ahead what is Appsgeyser Se App Banane Ke Fayde. Explaining the advantages:

With the help of Appsgeyser Website, you can create an app for free, you will not be charged any Charge for making Android App on Appsgeyser Website.
You can create many apps with the help of Appsgeyser Website, you can create more than 50 apps with the help of this.
Appsgeyser Website is a very fast App Builder, you can create your Android App in a very short time.

Appsgeyser Website is a very simple way to create Android App, with its help you can easily create Android App without any hassle.
In this, you can create all kinds of apps, without any coding, you also get a lot of options to customize it.


Through this article you learned that in today's post, we told you App Banane Ka Tarika. How did you like the information about Mobile App Kaise Banaye? I hope I explained you about Android App Kaise Banaye.

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